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Our garden tips will help you discover how to make to most of your garden with plants, flowers, garden buildings and furniture. It is possible to use your garden as an extension to your home which you can enjoy all year around. You will learn how to plant for all year round colour and how you can use your garden in winter as well as summer.

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You can also find out how to create a beautiful garden with low maintenance plants. If you don’t have much time to spend working on your garden this is a good option.

Garden preparation

Garden preparation is one of the most important aspects to gardening. If you prepare well your plants will flourish. As the saying goes “If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail”.

Soil needs to be prepared well before you start to plant any plants in it. Plants will thrive in well conditioned soil and even the toughest soil can be prepared for planting. Your soil needs to be rich in nutrients and well drained. You need to plan your planting according to what conditions your plants like.

If you follow a few simple rules and prepare well your garden will be a triumph. Take a look at these page.

If you plan to have a lawn in your garden you should also plan and prepare for this too. Again soil quality is key, any home can have a perfect lawn but you must prepare the soil.